Culture Night

Sea Deep at the Ulster Museum

Location: Ulster Museum, Ulster Museum - Learning Zone, Botanic Gardens, Belfast , Co. Antrim, BT9 5AB
If sharks have so many teeth, why do they not need a dentist???

Come join us at the Marine Exhibition of the Ulster Museum to discover the sharks, skates, and rays of Northern Ireland, where Ulster Wildlife marine biologists will answer your fishy questions!

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1:00pm - 4:00pm
A static map of Sea Deep at the Ulster Museum

About the event

Immerse yourself in the world of sharks, skates, and rays and experience how sharks have adapted to their marine environment.

Find out how Sea Deep is working to safeguard the future of these amazing creatures and how you can get involved.

And of course, there will be fun and games!

- Will you be able to 'Spot the mermaids purse?'

- Can you identify the 'Shark Truths or Fake news?'

- Will you ace the marine quiz?

See you there!