Common (Flapper) Skate


Flapper Skate Roadshow - Portballintrae

Location: Portballintrae, Portballintrae Boat Club
21 Beach Road
BT57 8WF,
Portballintrae, Antrim, BT57 8WF
Join us in celebrating the critically endangered species that calls Northern Irish waters home, the Flapper skate. Come along to learn all about this incredible species and the work Sea Deep are taking to protect these endangered creatures in our seas.

Event details


11:00am - 1:30pm
A static map of Flapper Skate Roadshow - Portballintrae

About the event

Did you know our waters are home to the largest skate species in the world? This incredible species is called the Flapper skate and is found in our coastal waters!   Unfortunately, this same species is critically endangered, making the Flapper skate vulnerable to extinction if not protected. Join us on our Flapper Skate Roadshow to learn all about this incredible species, the work the Sea Deep project is taking to conserve the Flapper skate and how you can help safeguard this species in our waters for future generations! There will also be fun activities to on the day and we will even be recording shark and skate egg cases (a simple way to get involved in local shark conservation without even getting wet!)


Know before you go

What to bring

Please remember to bring waterproof and suitable footwear. 

Contact us

Erin McKeown
Contact number: 07847147738

At this event the following precautions will be taken in regard to Covid-19-

- Pre-event questionnaire – You will be required to answer these questions on your arrival at the event

* Had a positive Covid-19 diagnosis or have been symptomatic within the previous 10 days?

* Come into contact with anyone who have had a positive Covid-19 diagnosis, or have been symptomatic within the previous 14 days?

* Travelled to restricted area requiring quarantine upon return in the last 14 days?


- We suggest you use toilet facilities at home before you leave. Bring a face covering and your own water bottles, snacks as we cannot provide catering

- Please follow instructions of the leader.

- Where possible, keep two metres apart from other people throughout your time at the event. Where it is not possible to be two metres away, keep at least one metre apart and wear a face covering.

- Maintain high standards of hygiene throughout the event – use your own hand sanitiser if you have it or use the ones provided regularly and try not to touch public areas such as barriers, gates etc.

- Dispose of litter responsibly in the bins provided

- Please don’t be offended if we remind you to comply with social distancing rules etc – we’re doing it to keep you and everyone else safe.