Egg Case

Small spotted catshark egg case

Go Egg Case Hunting!

Everything you need to know about recording shark and skate egg cases! 

We need all coast lovers to help us search the shoreline for shark and skate egg cases. Collecting this information will help us to understand the different kinds of sharks and skates in our seas. It can also indicate potential spawning areas and nursery grounds for the young shark pups.

Everything you need to know about finding, identifying and recording your egg cases is below. Download our Guide to Egg Case Hunting and read through our FAQs. Don't forget to let us know how you got on and happy hunting!


When is the best time to go hunting?

You can find shark and skate egg cases throughout the year. The best time to look is after stormy weather when lots of seaweed and debris has been thrown up on the beach. Make sure you bring warm clothing and good shoes!

Where is the best place to look?

You can go hunting on both rocky shores and sandy beaches. The best place to look for egg cases is within the strandline – the seaweed washed up at the top of the shore. Some may also be blown into the crevices between rocks at the top of the beach. They are well camouflaged so keep your eyes peeled!

How do I identify what I find?

Check out our great ID guides to see which species laid your egg case or join us for a guided egg case hunt near you!

Local egg cases

Each egg case is unique to the species that laid it. 

Where do I submit my egg case finds?

You can record all of the details about your egg cases through their online form. If you would like us to help you identify the species then send a picture of your eggcases to us via E-mail, Twitter or Instagram

What happens to the records I submit?

Through the Sea Deep project, we are collecting records from sharks at sea and egg cases on the shore. This information will help us to understand the endangered sharks, skates and rays better so we can work to secure stronger protection and management measures. 

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